Lucero is a very sweet girl; she is 4 years old now (she was born on December, 1st 2005). She was diagnosed when she was 7 months, and from this time she starts with therapies (kinesio, TO, neurolinguistical stimulation, auditive stimulation). She goes to the kinder from her 4 months; she went to a normal kinder with an integrative teacher, this year she starts in a special school and we include therapies there. She is a very sweet and funny girl; she loves music, sounds and colours. She loves playing with different textures and with music toys. She can sit by herself; and she learned to be careful when she is tired, she leans in her hands to gp down. She doesn’t walk yet, but we are working hard on it; little by little she makes progress. We can understand her: when she is angry, when she is happy; what food does she prefer, etc., she always gives us some signal to help us to understand her. She has a brother, Dante (he is 1 year old); it is a really sweet image to see both playing or staying together...

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